“La Gratitude Est La Memoire Des Coeurs”

Pink Rose ~ Tussie Mussie ~ Perfect Happiness, Secret Love, Grace, Sweetness, Thankfulness and Joy

Today as I work on this piece I’m thinking about love. How distorted, selfish and unkind some love is and what makes people become like that? What makes them think, do and act in certain ways and think that’s really what love is? Or how they repay unconditional love with spite, thievery and hatred….I could never in my wildest dreams ever consciously consider being so unkind to another human being and continue to live a whole life without trying to remedy the hurt I’ve inflicted.

Don’t we know that love makes the world go around?

And don’t we know that the most unlovable people in the world, need love the most? And that includes you and me, because none of us are perfect.

How can we pick and choose who to love and who not to love? Clearly this is not my problem to solve, but I will continue to love, because our ability to love is truly the closest glimpse we will ever have of eternity on this earth….

Today I choose love….

Nancy AE Berberet Mayfield

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