As you might have guessed, I have a voracious appetite for all things beautiful, vintage and sensual. My most recent obsession is with Violet whose botanical name is Viola Odorata or Viola Tricolor. Her English names are purple violet, garden violet, sweet violet, pansy, heart’s ease, jump-up, three color violet, trinity violet, wild pansy and butterfly violet.

Violets presence in a Tussie Mussie is symbolic of  Modesty, Virtue, Affection, Watchfulness, Faithfulness, Love or if it is a White Violet, Let’s Take a Chance on Love :). Let’s just say that if someone special to you gives your a bundle of Violets, that is should be fairly obvious that they are or might be a little bit sweet on you or they have a deep appreciation for the person that you are.

Every part of Violet can be used, although the flower contains a very small amount of essential oil, the scent can be extracted via the enfleurage or cold press process so that you can make Violet fragrance for perfume or however you choose to use this scent.

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