Bleu’ Alchemy Cottage

Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Gardening, Gastronomy,  Artwork, Vintage, Design, Earthy, Sensory Pleasures and Adventures

Ultimately this venture began years ago. Being a creative who loves to paint and is passionate about travel, culture, dirt, seeds,  plants, herbs, flowers, gardens and always a gastronome from as far back as I can remember. This journey just continues and continues. I was literally designing my own cottage with a garden and window boxes, when I was seven. I remember drawing the design and giving it to my Pops. This was after I won the first place prize at the city art contest when I was in kindergarten. My crayoned picture was of hills upon hills, not unlike Tuscany, with a beautiful apple orchard full of bluebirds flying from tree to tree. 

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to prepare and share my love for another human than by cooking for them and having them sit down at my table with the settings skillfully and artfully coordinated and placed. Beautiful plants, flowers and candles carefully arranged for the ultimate aesthetic. Place settings, glassware and silverware wiped until shining. Food prepared with the freshest ingredients, if not grown from my own garden than locally sourced. Days of prepping, cleaning, arranging. Hours of fussing over the accurate taste I’m trying to prepare, the recipes evaluated and critiqued accordingly, music selected for passion and ambiance, endless hours ticking down to minutes of the ultimate arrival of my treasured guests for a resplendent party.

Sound exhausting? Well it is lol! This is a passion of love and art combined. The art of gastronomy, an elaborate garden to table movement. A passion for home, were the heart is. My desire to transport you into “my world” were nothing else matters except your happiness, the smile on your face, possibly easing your worries from the world for a few hours with the fantastic conversation shared at a well placed table among friends. The beautiful scents of savory sweet creations that will stick in your olfactory senses for years to come. My ability to serve you, is my gift to you. And as this small business evolves, I hope to be able to share my skill and love of gardening, cooking, entertaining and artful home decorating with you, so you too can serve others as a labor of love. You know love is a choice, lets choose love.

Nancy A.E. Berberet Mayfield ~
Gastronome, Artist, Painter, Gardener, Vintage Enthusiast, Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Atelier


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